Sustainability Report 2022

Circularity is Smart Sustainability

Florian Heydenreich

Sustainability has always been central to STILL’s DNA and sense of social responsibility, and is therefore a core element of our brand and corporate strategy.

Florian Heydenreich, Executive Vice President Sales & Service STILL EMEA

Circularity as an Intelligent Solution

STILL has long taken a respectful approach to resources and this stance is integral to the company’s DNA. These days, circularity is sustainability in action: Durable products, low-wear operations, and re-use mechanisms all ensure less waste and conservation of resources. STILL takes a holistic approach and the company has a clear roadmap set out to achieve this.

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Key Facts

  • 57


    STILL EMEA 2022

  • 69


    STILL EMEA 2022

  • 2,900

    Service technicians

    STILL EMEA 2022

  • 12,000

    Refurbished trucks

    STILL EMEA 2022

A Targeted Solution for Optimized Use of Resources

What is a suitable solution? This is what the engineers at STILL ask themselves when they design products. After all, the perfect solution is not always the most desirable. Sustainability is about targeting what is needed to achieve the results you want—no more and no less.

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Refurbishment—a Growing Market for Forklift Trucks

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Bringing Community to Life

Whether working with disabled people or training the next generation, we can all learn a lot from those around us. STILL actively promotes this interaction because it believes that it is vital to offer real prospects to those in the early stages of their careers and that everyone benefits from true inclusivity.

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