Smart Sustainability also Means ‘Targeted’

Higher, faster, further: The battle within industry to achieve the best engineering performance and to have the most advanced equipment has defined the intralogistics sector and many others for years and continues to have an impact in some areas. However, the zeitgeist has changed forever. Changing markets, shifting customer needs, and more stringent environmental requirements demand new answers. And ‘high-end’ solutions are no longer sufficient to address the global challenges we are facing.

Instead, ‘targeted’ solutions—offering no more and no less than what is required—seem to be the answer. These kinds of solutions constitute yet another sustainability priority for STILL under the general umbrella of circularity. After all, not everything that is possible is also sensible. In addition to customized truck designs aimed at demanding tasks, the market is increasingly demanding less complex, smart solutions for simple applications. In the case of forklift trucks, this means a truck without the full complement of features—an entry-level model that is batch produced and readily available but does not compromise on quality, safety, or service.

A Better Kind of Growth

No excessive solutions, just the right solution for each customer. That is how STILL aims to achieve sustainable growth. Prospective customers receive the product they need to ensure their commercial success; the solutions are as intricate as required, while being as sustainable as possible.

Xcellence or Classic

At the end of 2022, STILL decided to make a distinction between two product lines: the Xcellence Line and the Classic Line. Both are designed to meet each customer’s unique requirements. The Xcellence Line offers the most advanced technology for demanding applications and an extensive range of customization and adjustment options. At the heart of this product line will sit the new RXE series of entirely circular electric forklift trucks.

In contrast, the Classic Line offers entry-level solutions and focuses on core features. These standardized models are readily available and offer great value for money. STILL has been selling Classic warehouse trucks and internal combustion engine forklift trucks with a C in their product name for many years; however this product line is now being gradually expanded to create a comprehensive Classic product portfolio.

X-Line und C-Line

For STILL, developing targeted solutions also means offering a range of financing options for the two product lines, including leasing and rental arrangements and the increasingly popular pay-per-use option, where the cost of the truck is calculated based on the number of operating hours.

Future RXE Line—Another Targeted Solution

The key idea behind the concept study for STILL’s new RXE line is to develop a solution that is universal and entirely customizable to new requirements. This will be the first generation of electric forklift trucks boasting an entirely circular design. The guaranteed traceability of all components will enable customers to easily complete life cycle assessments—something that customers are increasingly demanding from suppliers in line with their sustainability strategies. The new trucks will also be designed to minimize the impact on the resource cycle, in that they will be available in a range of performance packages, so STILL customers can control just how economical they ultimately are.

Keeping the Bigger Picture in Mind

Tailor-made and targeted solutions that offer maximum efficiency—whether customized or standard models—are a key element in STILL’s sustainable corporate strategy. Under the guiding principle of ‘circularity is smart sustainability,’ the company is helping to avoid waste and conserve valuable resources.