“Repairs are Environmental Protection in Action”

Intralogistics trucks must perform predominantly heavy-duty work reliably every day. So what happens when they break down? When their parts wear out? Or when their electronics fail? All it takes is a call and a STILL service technician can be quickly on site ready to help find a solution. Our technicians are well-known for their passion for technology and having an in-depth knowledge of their customers’ requirements. Jan Hillbrands has worked as a STILL service technician for 32 years. He has seen almost every kind of problem and there are very few repairs that he has not carried out in his time. For this experienced technician, no two days have ever been the same. “I can get almost any truck up and running,” he says, confident in his many years of experience.

Unsurprisingly, everyone who works in the service department at STILL needs a wide array of technical skills. Tamara Schwerdtfeger knows this only too well. She is a newly qualified service technician at STILL and also completed her training here as a mechatronics technician. “I found hydraulics, electronics, and mechanics straightforward right from the start. Plus I gained lots of hands-on experience thanks to my daily work.” Throughout her training, she accompanied her colleagues on customer assignments and acquired valuable knowledge along the way. Today, she manages an area herself and must make her own decisions on site. “I feel comfortable in my role because if things get tricky, my colleagues are there to help. And I also have our new and innovative training and servicing system at my disposal so that I can clarify queries quickly and reliably. It is this combination of supportive relationships, independent working, and smart support that I really enjoy.”

A Changing Job Description

The service technician‘s job has changed. Jan can still remember the time-consuming and filthy repairs that were required to service the earlier generations of forklift trucks. “Today’s trucks are built differently; they are easier to repair and many aspects have been digitized,” he explains. Nevertheless, Jan and Tamara still need a great deal of knowledge to carry out their jobs. “You have to be able to interpret what the computer spews out. Even though forklift trucks are getting smarter, there is no substitute for our expertise.”

Carrying out repairs, interpreting faults, and solving tricky issues are just one side of the job; the other is communicating with customers. Service technicians need to be able to handle both aspects. For both newly qualified technicians and experienced technicians the goal is the same: “We want our customers to be satisfied.” “My work’s purpose is also important to me,” adds Tamara. “Repairs are environmental protection in action and that includes the sustainable supply and disposal of spare parts, oils, and lubricants. It’s great to work towards this goal every day and to gain recognition for your efforts.” Both technicians agree that money is not all that matters. Enjoying your work and experiencing satisfaction from what you do is just as important. A passion for technology runs through the veins of both STILL employees. As Jan explains: “If something isn’t working properly, I need to find out why.” Tamara nods and adds with a smile: “And vice versa! When something is running perfectly, I want to understand exactly why that is.”